Minor Branding Advertising Design, CMD
“If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.” -Don Draper

The Agency // Branding Advertising Design

In this minor you will work like in an ad agency. You'll get the chance to work on campaigns, design (video, photo, graphic) and copy writing. Our main focus is on Concepting, Design, Communication and Project Management.

We think it is important to deepen your knowledge on psychology, neuromarketing, sociology in combination with the universal principles of design. Seduction is our game... But we also believe in creating a better world so we work with socially involved partners.

This term we'll be working with a lot of foreign students so all classes, projects and community activities will be in English.

In February there will be a kick off (costs 50 euro). In April or May we'll have a field trip to London (not compulsory but very nice, costs 150 euro).

If you choose The Agency // Branding Advertising Design you commit to:

- speaking English
- actively joining what we do (communities of expertise on Friday, field trips, the kick off)
- always looking for new skills and knowledge and how to combine them